Live by the code

SpartaHack is Michigan State University’s official hackathon. For one weekend, 300 students from a wide range of disciplines and skill levels will team up to build creative, innovative technological projects from scratch.

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- Teams can have a maximum of 4 members

- All team members must be registered attendees of SpartaHack

- All members must be physically present at SpartaHack


You MUST fill out this form or your submission will not be judged.

Submissions must contain the following:

  • Screen shots of your project. 
  • An accurate description of what it does.
  • All team members must be added on the submission form.

How to enter

- Make your app (any platform is accepted)

- Fill out the following form: SpartaHack Project Registration

- All teammates create a ChallengePost account

- Produce your screenshots and/or video demo (posted on Youtube or Vimeo)

- Submit your project to ChallengePost by 7:30AM, March 29th

- Hacking ends at 8:30AM, March 29th

- Demo your project to judges

- Wait for judging announcements and final demos


Jay Freeman

Jay Freeman
Creator of Cydia

Samantha Amburgey

Samantha Amburgey

Jeff McWherter

Jeff McWherter
Managing Partner at Gravity Works

Joanna Young

Joanna Young
CIO of Michigan State University

Rob McCurdy

Rob McCurdy
CSIO of Michigan State University

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    (1) The presentation of the project --- (2) The originality of the idea --- (3) The algorithm that they created and/or API utilization
  • Technical Difficulty
    (1) Utilization of API’s and hardware technologies --- (2) Implemented complex algorithms --- (3) Integrated across multiple platforms
  • UI/UX
    (1) Very straightforward and natural adoption of the interface --- (2) The design work is well executed and there was thought about the user in the implementation
  • Impressiveness/Function
    (1) The team challenged themselves to learn something new --- (2) The team management was well organized and executed --- (3) The project is working and can be well demonstrated